Driveaway Insurance and Why you Need it!

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Our aim in this article is for you to understand driveaway insurance and make sure you don’t find yourself in legal problems in the future. It is essential for car owners to know what driveaway insurance is.

What is Driveaway Insurance?

Driveaway insurance is a kind of temporary automobile insurance – it gives you with enough coverage to get behind the wheel and drive your new acquisition home before you can get an annual policy.
It is appropriate for drivers seeking temporary coverage for their new automobiles.
Driveaway insurance is a handy method to avoid the headache of arranging automobile insurance prior to receiving your car. Your dealer may even tax your new car, allowing you to drive it away immediately.

When do you need Driveaway Insurance?

Whether you’re buying your car from a car dealer or a private seller, you’ll need insurance from the moment you start driving. Driveaway insurance is a great option If you’ve bought a new car and can’t wait to start driving, but don’t have annual insurance sorted yet. You’ll need to get temporary cover:  

  • If you’re insurance hasn’t transferred over to your new car yet
  • If you want some time to shop around for the best deal on annual insurance
  • If you’re in a rush to pick up a new car from a private seller 

Who is Driveaway Insurance Suitable for?

Numerous different types of drivers may benefit from a temporary vehicle insurance policy:

  • Automobile purchasers in need of driveaway insurance. If you’ve just purchased a vehicle and need to get it home, you may want protection until a longer-term solution can be arranged.
    Young drivers who do not possess a vehicle but have access to one owned by a friend or family. You may choose to get a shorter insurance coverage to protect you when visiting friends or family or while on university vacation.
  • Automobile consumers in need of coverage as they test drive a new vehicle.
  • Owners of convertibles or sporty cars. You can consider lending it to a friend or family for the weekend or a special event.
  • Residential movers. If you need a bigger vehicle or van to transport your belongings, you might opt for one-day insurance to meet your demands.
  • Road trip enthusiasts. If you’re going on a road trip and borrowing a vehicle, or just want to share the driving, a temporary coverage covers you and your buddies.
  • If an emergency arises and you want fast protection to drive a friend’s or family member’s vehicle, you may get coverage for as short as an hour or as long as a few weeks.
  • If your vehicle is in the garage and you need transportation, you may need to borrow one while yours is repaired.

Driveaway Insurance Cost

Apart from your age and the kind of insurance you choose, your insurer will consider the following variables in determining the level of risk you represent and charging you accordingly:

  1. Your geographical location

Theft or vandalism may be more prevalent in some postcodes than others, affecting your auto insurance prices.

2. Your line of work

Certain vocations may be seen as more dangerous, particularly if they require extensive driving or exposure to heavy equipment.

3. Your mileage may vary.

Simply stated, the more miles you drive, the more time you spend on the road, and the more probable it is that you will file a claim.

4. Your car driving record

This covers any driving convictions you may have as well as any past auto insurance claims you may have made.

5. The sort of car you drive

Your vehicle will be classified according to its make and model; vehicles classified in higher insurance categories often cost more to insure.

6. Your Voluntary Excess

By voluntarily paying a greater excess cost, you demonstrate to insurers that you are less prone to make bogus claims for small sums.

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